Lydia Timeline

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  • 1200 BCE
    Lydia arises as a Neo-Hittite kingdom.
  • 1185 BCE - 687 BCE
    Heraclid dynasty rules Lydia.
  • c. 700 BCE - 546 BCE
    The Mermnad dynasty rules Lydia.
  • 687 BCE - 652 BCE
    King Gyges rules Lydia and expands its borders. Sardis becomes Lydian capital.
  • c. 685 BCE - 546 BCE
    Mermnad Dynasty rules Lydia.
  • c. 635 BCE - 585 BCE
    Reign of Alyattes of Lydia. Minting of first coins made from electrum.
  • c. 625 BCE
    Lydia drives back the Cimmerians and conquers Phrygia.
  • c. 600 BCE
    Gordium becomes part of Lydia.
  • 28 May 585 BCE
    A battle between Media and Lydia broke off immediately as a result of a total eclipse of the sun and the two armies made peace. The eclipse was successfully predicted by Thales of Miletus.
  • 560 BCE
    The oracles of Delphi and Thebes both tell King Croesus of Lydia that if he attacks the Medes, he will destroy a great empire. Seeing this as a good omen, he goes to war, loses, and the Lydian Empire is destroyed.
  • 560 BCE - 546 BCE
    Reign of Croesus of Lydia.
  • c. 550 BCE - c. 430 BCE
    Construction of the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.
  • c. 498 BCE
    Ionians and Greek allies invade and burn Sardis (capital of Lydia).
  • 334 BCE
    Sardis surrenders to Alexander the Great.
  • 280 BCE
    Lydia becomes a part of the Seleucid Empire.
  • 133 BCE
    Lydia and its captial Sardis comes under Roman rule.
  • 17 BCE
    An earthquake destroys 12 cities in Lydia, including Sardis.
  • 124 CE
    Roman emperor Hadrian visits Lydia.
  • 215 CE
    Roman emperor Caracalla visits Lydia.
  • 615 CE
    Sardis is sacked by Sassanian Persians; damage is never repaired