Centaur Timeline

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  • c. 800 BCE
    Homer mentions the centaurs in his book the Iliad.
  • c. 700 BCE
    Hesiod mentions the centaurs in his book Theogony.
  • 660 BCE
    A Boeotian amphora depicts Medusa as a centaur.
  • 600 BCE - 400 BCE
    Attic pottery depicts the centaur Chiron in various mythological scenes.
  • 600 BCE - 500 BCE
    Corinthian pottery depicts scenes of the centaur Pholos and Hercules.
  • 600 BCE - 500 BCE
    The first depictions on black-figure pottery of Hercules fighting the centaur Nessos.
  • c. 460 BCE
    The west pediment of the Temple of Zeus at Olympia is decorated with a Centauromachy of centaurs fighting Lapiths at the wedding of Peirithoos.
  • 438 BCE
    The cult statue of Athena by Pheidias in the Parthenon depicts centaurs on the sandals of the goddess.