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  • c. 1080 BCE
    Rise of the kingdom of Israel.
  • 1000 BCE
    David captures Jerusalem.
  • c. 965 BCE - 931 BCE
    Solomon is king of Israel.
  • 950 BCE
    Solomon builds the first Temple of Jerusalem.
  • c. 750 BCE
    Approximate date of the composition of the Bible's Book of Amos.
  • 597 BCE
    Babylonian king Nebuchadnezar captures Jerusalem.
  • 597 BCE - 587 BCE
    Jews are deported to Babylonia.
  • 587 BCE - 539 BCE
    Jewish exile in Babylonia.
  • 37 BCE
    Herod the Great is installed as King of Judaea. Rebuilding of the Temple of Jerusalem.
  • c. 6 BCE - c. 30 CE
    Life of Jesus Christ.
  • c. 69 CE - c. 70 CE
    The Gospel of Mark.
  • c. 85 CE
    The Gospel of Matthew.
  • c. 95 CE
    The Gospel of Luke and Acts of the Apostles.
  • c. 100 CE
    The Gospel of John.
  • 132 CE
    Septuagint (Greek translation of the Bible) composed at Alexandria.
  • 1611 CE
    The King James Bible, a new version produced by a team of nearly 50 scholars, is published.