Asia Timeline


  • c. 60000 BCE - 32768 BCE
    Human habitation of India.
  • c. 1200 BCE
    The Median clans are among the Indo-Iranian migrant tribes from Central Asia and/or Caucasus to North Zagros, Iran.
  • 323 BCE - 31 BCE
    The Hellenistic Age. Greek thought and culture infuses with indigenous people.
  • 455 CE - 484 CE
    Reign of the Tegin Tunjina or Khingila of the White Huns in the region known as Gandhara.
  • 470 CE
    Beginning of White Hun Raids into India.
  • 484 CE - 515 CE
    Reign of the White Hun king Tormana, son of Tunjina.
  • 515 CE - 533 CE
    Reign of the king Mihirakula of the White Huns in Gandhara.