Yayoi Period


The Yayoi Period is one of the oldest historical periods of Japan spanning from c. 300 BCE to c. 250 CE, preceded by the Jomon Period and followed by the Kofun Period. The name Yayoi comes from the district in Tokyo where the first artifacts associated with the period were found in 1884 CE. During this time period rice farming and metalworking advance following their introduction at the end of the Jomon Period.

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  • c. 300 BCE - c. 250 CE
    The Yayoi Period in ancient Japan.
  • c. 82 CE
    Contact between Han China and Yayoi Japan.
  • c. 183 CE - 248 CE
    Life of Queen Himiko of Japan.
  • c. 189 CE - 248 CE
    The reign of Queen Himiko.
  • 238 CE
    Queen Himiko of Japan sends a tribute delegation to China.