William Tyndale Timeline

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  • c. 1494 - 1536
    Life of linguist, scholar, and Reformer William Tyndale, the first to translate the Bible into English.
  • 1506 - 1515
    Tyndale enrolled at Oxford University, earning his BA and MA and being ordained as a priest.
  • 1521
    Tyndale is tutor to the children of Sir John Walsh.
  • c. 1522
    Tyndale embraces the concepts of Martin Luther's Reformation.
  • 1525 - 1526
    Tyndale translates the New Testament into English and publishes it in Germany, smuggling copies into England.
  • 1530
    Tyndale publishes his The Practice of Prelates, condemning Henry VIII's attempt to annul his marriage.
  • 1534
    Tyndale revises his translation of the New Testament, works on translating Old Testament.
  • 1535
    William Tyndale is betrayed by his friend Henry Phillips and imprisoned.
  • 1536
    Tyndale is convicted of heresy and executed by strangulation; his body is then burned at the stake.