White Huns (Hephthalites)


The White Huns were a race of largely nomadic peoples who were a part of the Hunnic tribes of Central Asia. They ruled over an expansive area stretching from the Central Asian lands all the way to the Western Indian Subcontinent. Although being a mostly nomadic tribe, they nonetheless adopted the lifestyles of the lands they conquered but still retained their warlike nature. Their rule begins in the 5th cent CE, but they lingered on in the region for a substantial amount of time after their kingdom fell and eventually integrated so well into the Indian culture that their practices and traditions became a full part of it.

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  • 455 CE - 484 CE
    Reign of the Tegin Tunjina or Khingila of the White Huns in the region known as Gandhara.
  • 470 CE
    Beginning of White Hun Raids into India.
  • 484 CE - 515 CE
    Reign of the White Hun king Tormana, son of Tunjina.
  • 515 CE - 533 CE
    Reign of the king Mihirakula of the White Huns in Gandhara.