Warren Hastings


Warren Hastings (1732-1818) was appointed the Governor of Bengal by the British East India Company (EIC) in 1772 and became its first Governor-General in India from 1774 to 1785. Under his tenure, the EIC ruthlessly expanded its territory both in terms of conquest and through treaties of alliance with Indian princely states.

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  • 1732 - 1818
    Life of the colonial administrator and first Governor-General of the East India Company Warren Hastings.
  • 6 Dec 1732
    Warren Hastings is born in Churchill, Oxfordshire.
  • 1750
    Warren Hastings joins the East India Company as a clerk or ‘writer’.
  • 1758 - 1761
    Warren Hastings serves as the East India Company's representative at the court of the Nawab of Bengal.
  • 1761
    Warren Hastings is appointed to the East India Company's Council of Bengal.
  • 1772
    Warren Hastings is appointed the East India Company Governor of Bengal.
  • 1774 - 1785
    Warren Hastings serves as the first Governor-General of the East India Company.
  • 1787
    Warren Hastings is impeached by Parliament on charges of corruption. He is ultimately acquitted.
  • 1818
    Warren Hastings dies in Daylesford in Gloucestershire, England.