Wari Civilization


The Wari civilization flourished in the coastal and highland areas of ancient Peru between c. 450 and c. 1000 CE. Based at their capital Huari, the Wari successfully exploited the diverse landscapes they controlled to construct an empire administered by provincial capitals connected by a large road network. Their methods of maintaining an empire and artistic style would have a significant influence on the later Inca civilization.

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  • 200 CE - 1000 CE
    Tiwanaku Empire flourishes based around Lake Titicaca.
  • c. 450 CE - c. 1000 CE
    The Wari civilization flourishes and builds an empire across ancient Peru.
  • c. 650 CE - c. 900 CE
    The Wari centre of Pakillacta flourishes in ancient Peru.
  • c. 750 CE - 800 CE
    The subterranean llama-shaped royal tomb is constructed at the Wari city of Pikllacta.