War of the Sixth Coalition

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The War of the Sixth Coalition (1813-1814), known in Germany as the Wars of Liberation, was the penultimate conflict of the Napoleonic Wars (1803-1815). The Sixth Coalition, which included Russia, Austria, Prussia, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Portugal, Spain, and several German states, defeated the First French Empire and drove Napoleon into exile on the island of Elba.

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  • 31 Dec 1812
    Prussian General Johann von Yorck signs an armistice with the Russians, beginning the defection of Prussia.
  • 28 Feb 1813
    Prussia and Russia form an alliance against Napoleon, with the Treaty of Kalisch.
  • 2 May 1813
    Napoleon defeats a Russo-Prussian army at the Battle of Lützen, but lack of cavalry prevents him from capitalizing on his victory.
  • 20 May 1813 - 21 May 1813
    Napoleon wins the Battle of Bautzen.
  • 24 Jun 1813
    Prince Klemens von Metternich fails to get Napoleon to agree to the peace terms of the Dresden proposals.
  • 26 Jun 1813
    Austria joins the Sixth Coalition against Napoleon.
  • 26 Aug 1813 - 27 Aug 1813
    Napoleon wins the Battle of Dresden.
  • 16 Oct 1813 - 19 Oct 1813
    Napoleon suffers a decisive defeat at the Battle of Leipzig, also known as the Battle of the Nations.
  • 4 Nov 1813
    The Confederation of the Rhine is dissolved.
  • 10 Feb 1814 - 15 Feb 1814
    Napoleon wins a series of victories against Blücher in his Six Day Campaign.
  • 20 Mar 1814 - 31 Mar 1814
    The Battle of Paris results in a French defeat, and the Allies occupy the city.
  • 11 Apr 1814
    Napoleon abdicates, goes into exile on the island of Elba.
  • 20 May 1814
    The War of the Sixth Coalition is officially ended with the Treaty of Paris.
  • Sep 1814 - Jun 1815
    The Congress of Vienna meets to redraw the map of Europe in a post-Napoleonic world.