Tushpa, later known as Van, was the capital of the Urartu kingdom of ancient Armenia, eastern Turkey, and western Iran from the 9th to 6th century BCE. Located on the eastern shore of Lake Van in modern Turkey, the city was a fortress site which was reused as a provincial capital under the Achaemenian Empire and then, once again, made the capital of the Artsruni kingdom during the medieval period. Tushpa/Van is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the region.

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  • c. 900 BCE - c. 590 BCE
    The Urartu civilization flourishes in ancient Armenia, eastern Turkey and western Iran.
  • c. 835 BCE - 825 BCE
    Reign of Sarduri I, king of the Urartu civilization and founder of the capital Tushpa.
  • 736 BCE
    Assyrian king Tiglath-Pileser III attacks Tushpa, capital of Urartu.
  • 368 BCE - 369 BCE
    Sasanid king Shapur II invades Armenia and attacks Tushpa/Van.