Townshend Acts

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The Townshend Acts were a series of acts passed by the Parliament of Great Britain between 1767 and 1768 to tax and regulate the Thirteen Colonies of North America. When the colonists considered the acts an abuse of power and protested them, Britain sent troops to enforce its mandates, thereby escalating the American Revolution (c. 1765-1789).

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  • Jun 1767 - Mar 1768
    The Parliament of Great Britain passes the Townshend Acts to tax and regulate the thirteen American colonies.
  • 10 Jun 1768
    The Liberty, a sloop owned by Boston merchant John Hancock, is seized by British officials leading to widespread riots in Boston.
  • 1 Oct 1768
    British soldiers arrive in Boston in the wake of several riots.
  • Apr 1770
    The Townshend Acts are repealed except for a tax on tea.