Third Dynasty of Egypt


The Third Dynasty of Egypt (c. 2670-2613 BCE) begins with king Djoser, famous for his Step Pyramid at Saqqara. Although there are some sources which claim a king named Sanakht (also known as Nebra) founded the Third Dynasty, these claims are routinely challenged for lack of evidence. The chronology of Manetho is vague on who Sanakht was, when he ruled in the Third Dynasty, and even his name. Sanakht's name is only known through the Abydos king list, the Turin papyrus, and two reliefs found in the tomb known as Mastaba K2 at Beit Khallaf. This was once thought to be Sanakht's tomb but this identification has been challenged and refuted. Nothing is known of Sanakht's reign and his name may be a reference to some other king. Although few details are available on Djoser's reign, it is certain he was king at the beginning of the Third Dynasty and equally clear he followed the last king of the Second Dynasty, Khasekhemwy.

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  • 3150 BCE - 2613 BCE
    Early Dynastic Period in Egypt. First Kings.
  • c. 2670 BCE - c. 2613 BCE
    Third Dynasty in Ancient Egypt.
  • c. 2670 BCE
    Reign of King Djoser in Egypt, builder of the first pyramid.
  • c. 2667 BCE - c. 2600 BCE
    Attributed dates of Imhotep's medical and architectural achievements.
  • c. 2650 BCE
    Reign of King Sekhemket in Egypt, builder of the Buried Pyramid.
  • c. 2640 BCE
    Reign of the King Khaba in Egypt, builder of the Layer Pyramid.
  • c. 2630 BCE - 2613 BCE
    Reign of King Huni in Egypt, last ruler of the Third Dynasty, Early Dynastic Period.