Third Dynasty of Egypt Timeline

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  • 3150 BCE - 2613 BCE
    Early Dynastic Period in Egypt. First Kings.
  • c. 2670 BCE - c. 2613 BCE
    Third Dynasty in Ancient Egypt.
  • c. 2670 BCE
    Reign of King Djoser in Egypt, builder of the first pyramid.
  • c. 2667 BCE - c. 2600 BCE
    Attributed dates of Imhotep's medical and architectural achievements.
  • c. 2650 BCE
    Reign of King Sekhemket in Egypt, builder of the Buried Pyramid.
  • c. 2640 BCE
    Reign of the King Khaba in Egypt, builder of the Layer Pyramid.
  • c. 2630 BCE - 2613 BCE
    Reign of King Huni in Egypt, last ruler of the Third Dynasty, Early Dynastic Period.