Tarascan Civilization


The Tarascan civilization (aka the Purépecha, after their language) dominated western Mexico and built an empire that would bring it into direct conflict with that other great Mesoamerican civilization of the Post-classic period, the Aztecs. The Tarascan state, with its capital at Tzintzúntzan on Lake Pátzcuaro, controlled an empire of over 75,000 square kilometres, second in size only to the Aztec empire.

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  • c. 1345 - 1521
    The Aztec civilization flourishes in Mesoamerica.
  • 1350 - 1522
    The Tarascan civilization flourishes in Mesoamerica.
  • 1510 - 1520
    Reign of the Tarascan king Zuangua.
  • 1521 - 1529
    Reign of the Tarascan king Zinzicha Tangaxoan.