Thanjavur (Tanjavur or Tanjore) is a temple site in the Tamil Nadu region of southern India. Thanjavur was the capital of the great Chola (Cola) king Rajaraja I, and it was he who commissioned the site's magnificent temple, the Brihadishvara, in the early 11th century CE. Many other temples and shrines were added over the centuries making Thanjavur one of the most important and most visited historical sites in India today. Thanjavur is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

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  • 985 - 1014
    Reign of Chola king Rajaraja I in southern and central India, whose capital was at Thanjavur.
  • c. 1010 - c. 1025
    The Brihadishvara Temple is built at Tanjavur, Tamil Nadu, India.
  • 1012 - 1044
    Reign of Chola king Rajendra I who controlled most of India.