Tairona Civilization


The Tairona civilization - one of the Chibcha family tribes - flourished in northern Colombia between 200 CE and 1600 CE. Like the Muisca of Cundinamarca, the Tairona were known for their expertise in crafting and metallurgy, especially goldsmithing. Primarily occupying the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta region in present-day Magdalena, they left behind them a bountiful of archaeological evidence of their lifestyle, which was surprisingly modern as viewed from the perspective of their relative isolation to more developed civilizations.

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  • c. 200 CE - c. 1600 CE
    The Tairona civilization flourishes in Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia.
  • c. 800 CE
    La Ciudad Perdida (Teyuna) is built.
  • 1499 CE
    Spanish conquistadors arrive in Colombia.
  • 1599 CE
    The Tairona revolt against the Spanish.