Stephen Hopkins Timeline

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  • 1581 - 1644
    Life of Stephen Hopkins, Mayflower passenger, early member of Plymouth Colony.
  • 1609 - 1610
    Stephen Hopkins is shipwrecked on Bermuda.
  • 1610 - 1614
    Stephen Hopkins works as an indentured servant at Jamestown Colony in Virginia.
  • 1614 - 1620
    Stephen Hopkins returns to England when his first wife dies; remarries and settles in London.
  • 1620
    Stephen Hopkins leaves England with his family and servants aboard the Mayflower.
  • Nov 1620 - 21 Dec 1620
    Stephen Hopkins participates in exploratory missions around Cape Cod; helps select site for Plymouth Colony.
  • 11 Nov 1620
    Stephen Hopkins is among the signers of the Mayflower Compact.
  • 1621 - 1622
    Stephen Hopkins helps build Plymouth Colony; participates in First Thanksgiving.
  • Mar 1621
    Stephen Hopkins welcomes the Native American Samoset into his home to spend the night; first positive interaction between Native Americans and immigrants.
  • c. 1625 - c. 1640
    Stephen Hopkins operates a tavern in Plymouth Colony while also assisting William Bradford as governor.
  • 1636 - 1638
    Stephen Hopkins fined for allowing people to drink in his tavern at Plymouth Colony on the sabbath.
  • 1639
    Stephen Hopkins jailed for refusing to honor his contract with an indentured servant who had relations with a man that had killed a Native American.
  • c. 1640
    Stephen Hopkins sells off his land around Plymouth Colony to move closer to Native American settlements.
  • 1644
    Stephen Hopkins of Plymouth Colony dies of natural causes.