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  • 776 BCE
    First athletic games in honour of Zeus are held at Olympia with one event, the stadion foot race.
  • 586 BCE
    First athletic games at Delphi.
  • 580 BCE
    First athletic games at Isthmia.
  • 573 BCE
    First athletic games at Nemea in honour of Zeus.
  • 488 BCE
    Kroton of Magna Graecia wins the first of three consecutive stadion races in the Olympic Games.
  • 330 BCE - 320 BCE
    New stadium constructed at Nemea.
  • 271 BCE
    Final Games at Nemea.
  • 261 CE
    Last documented victor at Olympic Games.
  • 393 CE
    Roman Emperor Theodosius definitively ends all pagan Games in Greece.