Sir William Marshal Timeline

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  • c. 1146 - 1219
    The life of the great English knight Sir William Marshal.
  • 1166
    William Marshal is made a knight.
  • 1166
    William Marshal fights in the army of Henry II of England against the counts of Boulogne, Flanders and Ponthieu.
  • 1167 - 1183
    Sir William Marshal competes, and remains undefeated, in medieval tournaments.
  • 1167
    In a tournament in Le Mans, William Marshal captures several knights for ransom.
  • 1168
    Fighting in western France, William Marshal is captured and ransomed by Guy de Lusignan. He is freed by Eleanor of Aquitaine.
  • 1182
    William Marshal is banished from the English court where he was tutor to Henry the Young King.
  • 1184 - 1186
    William Marshall campaigns in the Holy Land.
  • 1188 - 1189
    William Marshal campaigns in France against the enemies of Henry II of England, who include his son, the future Richard I.
  • 1189
    William Marshal marries Isabel de Clare and through her, he will become the Earl of Pembroke.
  • c. 1190
    Sir William Marshal begins rebuilding Chepstow Castle in Wales.
  • 1215
    William Marshal is one of the creators and signatories of the Magna Carta which curbs the powers of the English monarchy.
  • 1216
    William Marshal is made the Protector of the Kingdom (of England), regent for the young king Henry III of England.
  • 20 May 1217
    William Marshal wins the battle of Lincoln against rebellious English barons and their French ally, the future King Louis VIII.
  • 14 May 1219
    Death of the great English knight and Protector of the Kingdom William Marshal.