Serket Timeline

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  • c. 6000 BCE - c. 3150 BCE
    Serket is worshiped as a Mother Goddess deity.
  • c. 3150 BCE
    Serket associated with the Scorpion Kings of the Predynastic Period in Egypt.
  • c. 3150 BCE - c. 2890 BCE
    Serket associated with the god Nun and creation of the world during the First Dynasty of Egypt.
  • c. 2613 BCE - c. 2181 BCE
    Serket is invoked in protective spells during the period of the Old Kingdom in Egypt.
  • 1570 BCE - 1069 BCE
    Serket included in some versions of the Osiris Myth during the period of the New Kingdom in Egypt.
  • 1327 BCE
    Golden statue and alabaster canopic jar of Serket placed in tomb of Tutankhamun.