Scythians Timeline

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  • c. 1000 BCE
    Scythians migrate from Persia into the Asian steppes.
  • 700 BCE - 300 BCE
    Scythians dominate the western Asian steppes.
  • c. 676 BCE
    Scythians and Mannaens attack Assyria.
  • 612 BCE
    Nineveh is sacked and burned by combined forces of Babylonians and Medes.
  • c. 600 BCE - c. 300 BCE
    The Scythians prosper north of the Black Sea.
  • 520 BCE
    Darius I of Persia fights the Scythians (not very successfully).
  • c. 513 BCE - c. 512 BCE
    Darius I of Persia campaigns against Scythians into European Scythia, past the Danube River, Scythians refuse to fight and Darius is forced to abandon the campaign due to lack of provisions.
  • 500 BCE - 300 BCE
    Rich Scythian burials.
  • 350 BCE
    The Scythians have absorbed a lot of Greek culture, Scythian artefacts show Greek-style depictions.
  • 342 BCE
    Philip II leads a military expedition against the Scythians.
  • 339 BCE
    Philip II of Macedon fights the Scythians.
  • 329 BCE
    Alexander the Great wins a decisive battle at the Iaxartes river against the Scythians.
  • 300 BCE
    Sarmatians conquer the Scythians.
  • c. 200 BCE - c. 100 BCE
    Scythians tribes migrate into Bactria, Sogdiana and Arachosia.
  • 177 BCE
    The Yuezhi Confederation conquers the Sakas of Issyk Lake.
  • c. 145 BCE
    Eucratidia is taken by the Sakas.
  • c. 139 BCE
    Eucratidia is looted to the ground by the Yuezhei.
  • c. 80 BCE - c. 75 CE
    The combined Scytho-Parthians rule Gandhara.
  • c. 100 CE
    By the end of first century CE, Scythians (Sakas) manage to establish their sway in central and south-eastern India.
  • 350 CE
    Beginning of Sarmatian expansion into Scythians territory.