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  • c. 790 - c. 1100
    The Viking Age.
  • c. 870 - 930
    Age of Settlement; the period in which Iceland was first settled by Scandinavians (mainly from Norway).
  • 930 - 1030
    Age of Saga; the time, in Iceland, in which many of the Old Norse sagas are set.
  • c. 1180 - c. 1450
    Old Norse-Icelandic sagas were mainly composed between the (late) 12th- and 15th centuries CE, in Iceland (although a few were composed in Norway). The 13th century CE formed the heyday of saga composition.
  • 1200 - 1262
    Age of the Sturlungs; in Iceland, six family clans have ended up in power, with the Sturlungs being the most powerful. In 1262, Iceland was brought under Norwegian rule.