Roman Medicine Timeline

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  • 431 BCE
    The temple to Apollo Medicus is built in Rome.
  • 292 BCE
    The Romans adopt the Greek god of medicine Asclepius by stealing his sacred snake from Epidaurus and setting up a temple on the Tiber Island.
  • 219 BCE
    The physician Archagathus of Sparta arrives in Rome.
  • c. 25 BCE - c. 50 CE
    Life of the Roman physician Aulus Cornelius Celsus.
  • c. 1 CE - 50 CE
    Life of Roman physician Scribonius Largus.
  • 43 CE
    The physician Scribonius Largus travels to Britain with the entourage of Claudius.
  • c. 60 CE - 130 CE
    Life of the physician Soranus of Ephesos.
  • 129 CE - c. 216 CE
    Life of the physician Galen of Pergamon.