Roman Cavalry Timeline

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  • 750 BCE - 510 BCE
    The semi-legendary celeres or trossuli - a 300-man cavalry corps which the first kings of Rome incorporated into the legion - is formed, later their number is increased to 600.
  • 578 BCE - 535 BCE
    Servius Tullius, the king of Rome, increases the number of the cavalry corps (equites) to 1,800.
  • c. 400 BCE
    The Roman cavalry is expanded to include riders who can pay for their own horse.
  • Aug 216 BCE
    Hannibal wins the battle of Cannae, the worst defeat in Roman history.
  • c. 100 BCE
    Roman cavalry riders are by now classified as auxilia and organised in wings or alae.
  • 58 BCE - 51 BCE
    Julius Caesar's conquest of Gaul.
  • 101 CE - 106 CE
    Trajan conquers Dacia.