Rollo of Normandy

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Rollo (l. c.860-c.930 CE, r. 911-927 CE) was a Viking chieftain who became the founder and first ruler of the region of Normandy. He converted to Christianity as part of a deal with the Frankish king Charles the Simple (893-923 CE) in 911 CE (changing his name to Robert) and his story was then embellished upon by later Christian writers who held him up as a role model: a savage Viking chief who became a paragon of Christian virtue and established law in the land. In doing so, however, they largely ignored whatever was known of Rollo's life prior to his involvement with Charles.

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  • c. 860 - c. 930
    Life of Rollo of Normandy.
  • 876
    As a Viking Chieftain, Rollo destroys region of Rouen, Francia.
  • 876
    Viking raids involving Rollo.
  • 885 - 886
    Rollo as Viking Chieftain raids and lays siege to Paris.
  • 911 - 927
    Reign of Rollo of Normandy.
  • 911
    Treaty of Saint Clair sur Epte between Charles the Simple and Rollo; establishes Normandy, ends Viking raids on the Seine.
  • 918
    Further land granted to Rollo for defense of the kingdom.
  • 923
    After establishing law and order in Normandy, Rollo campaigns with King Charles.
  • 927
    Rollo retires and is succeeded by his son William Longsword. .
  • c. 930
    Rollo of Normandy dies of natural causes, probably at his capital of Rouen.