Roger I of Sicily


Roger I, also known as Roger Bosso (c. 1031-1101) was a Norman knight and adventurer best known for conquering The Emirate of Sicily during the 11th century. His lifelong efforts helped lay the foundations of a wealthy new Mediterranean state based in Palermo, known as the Kingdom of Sicily founded in 1130.

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  • 1031 - 1101
    Life of Roger I of Sicily.
  • 1061
    Battle of Enna; Norman victory in Sicily.
  • 1063
    Battle of Cerami; Roger I of Sicily defeats Ibn al-Hawas.
  • 1068
    The Normans under Robert Guiscard begin the three-year siege of Bari, the Byzantine provincial capital of southern Italy.
  • 1068
    Battle of Misilmeri; Roger I of Sicily defeats the Zirid prince Ayub.
  • 1071 - 1072
    Robert Guiscard besieges Palermo.
  • 1072
    Robert Guiscard formally invests Roger as the Count of Sicily under his authority as the Duke of Apulia, Calabria, and Sicily.