Rochester Castle


Rochester Castle, located in Kent, England, was first constructed shortly after 1066 CE by the Normans, was converted into stone between 1087 and 1089 CE, and then added to over subsequent centuries, notably between 1127 and 1136 CE, and again in the mid-14th century CE. The imposing castle keep or donjon seen today was added in the 12th century CE and is one of the best-preserved and tallest of any medieval castle. Odo of Bayeux, half-brother of William the Conqueror (r. 1066-1087 CE), was a famous resident as well as the bishops of Rochester. In 1215 CE Rochester was the scene of a major siege by King John of England (r. 1199-1216 CE) when rebel barons temporarily took over the castle. Today the site is managed by English Heritage and is an important surviving example of 12th-century CE castle architecture.

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  • c. 1066
    A Norman motte and bailey castle is built at Rochester.
  • 1087 - 1089
    Construction of the first stone version of Rochester Castle in England.
  • 1088
    Rebels, led by Odo of Bayeux, are defeated and Rochester Castle is besieged and taken by William II of England.
  • 1097
    Death of Odo, Bishop of Bayeux and also the Earl of Kent.
  • 1127
    Rochester Castle is granted to the bishops of Rochester in perpetuity by Henry I of England.
  • 1127 - 1136
    The tower keep is built at Rochester Castle, England.
  • c. 1172
    Henry II of England spends 100 pounds improving Rochester Castle.
  • 1206
    King John spends 115 pounds improving Rochester Castle.
  • 11 Oct 1215 - 30 Nov 1215
    King John successfully besieges Rochester Castle, then held by rebel barons.
  • 1216
    Prince Louis of France briefly captures Rochester Castle.
  • 1225
    The moat of Rochester Castle is extended and deepened, enclosing the rise called Boley Hill.
  • 1233
    A drum tower is added to the circuit walls of Rochester Castle.
  • 17 Apr 1264 - 26 Apr 1264
    Royalists in support of Henry III of England defend Rochester Castle against an unsuccessful rebel siege.
  • 1367 - 1370
    King Edward III of England begins a massive rebuilding project at Rochester Castle.