Robert Boyle


Robert Boyle (1627-1691) was an Anglo-Irish chemist, physicist, and experimental philosopher. Boyle was a prolific author, made significant experiments with air pumps, and presented the first litmus test. A founding member of the Royal Society, Boyle bequeathed funding for a long-lasting series of lectures, the Boyle Lectures, which aimed to show that the Christian faith and science were not incompatible.

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  • 1627 - 1691
    Life of the scientist Robert Boyle.
  • 25 Jan 1627
    The scientist Robert Boyle is born in Ireland.
  • 1639 - 1642
    Robert Boyle embarks on a grand tour of Europe.
  • 1660
    Robert Boyle publishes the New Experiments Physico-Mechanical Touching the Spring of the Air, and Its Effects.
  • 1661
    Robert Boyle publishes The Skeptical Chymist.
  • 1662
    Robert Boyle is a founding fellow of the Royal Society in London.
  • 1664
    Robert Boyle publishes Experiments and Considerations Touching Colours.
  • 1668
    Robert Boyle moves to Pall Mall, London.
  • 1690
    Robert Boyle publishes The Christian Virtuoso.
  • 31 Dec 1691
    Robert Boyle dies and leaves funds for a series of annual lectures defending Christianity, the Boyle Lectures.