Richard Grenville Timeline

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  • 1542 - 1591
    Life of the Elizabethan adventurer, mariner and privateer Sir Richard Grenville.
  • 1562
    Richard Grenville is pardoned after killing a man during a riot.
  • 1563
    Richard Grenville serves as a Member of Parliament.
  • 1568
    Richard Grenville creates a plantation in the Munster region of Ireland.
  • 1571
    Richard Grenville represents Cornwall as a Member of Parliament.
  • 1571
    Richard Grenville fails to win royal approval for his proposed expedition to find the great southern continent.
  • Apr 1585 - Jul 1585
    Settlers sail to Virginia in North America to create England's first colony on Roanoke Island.
  • Jul 1588 - Aug 1588
    Richard Grenville fights against the Spanish Armada.
  • 1591
    Richard Grenville sails as vice-admiral to Lord Thomas Howard in an expedition to plunder Spanish treasure ships in the Azores.
  • 9 Sep 1591 - 10 Sep 1591
    Richard Grenville commands the galleon Revenge in a heroic but losing battle against a large Spanish fleet in the Azores.