The quaestor ("the one who asks questions") was the oldest and lowest office on the cursus honorum, or "path of honor" in ancient Rome. Considered a stepping stone to higher office in the Roman government, the duties of the quaestor ranged from administrating public properties and overseeing treasuries to collecting taxes and recruiting in the provinces, among other tasks.

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  • 509 BCE
    Quaestors become a prominent position in the Roman Republic.
  • 450 BCE
    The number of Roman quaestors is increased to four and made open to plebians.
  • c. 440 BCE
    Roman quaestors are chosen by the assembly rather than the consuls.
  • c. 21 BCE
    Varus is made quaestor.
  • 7 CE
    Germanicus is made quaestor.