Pre-Colonial North America


Pre-Colonial North America (also known as Pre-Columbian, Prehistoric, and Precontact) is the period between the migration of the Paleo-Indians to the region between 40,000-14,000 years ago and contact between indigenous tribes and European colonists in the 16th century CE which eradicated the Native American culture, replacing it with what became Canada and the United States of America.

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  • c. 14000 BCE
    Paleoindian-Clovis Culture in North America.
  • c. 8500 BCE - c. 7900 BCE
    Dalton-Folsom Culture in North America.
  • c. 8000 BCE - c. 1000 BCE
    Archaic Period in North America.
  • c. 500 BCE - c. 1100 CE
    Woodland Period in North America.
  • 1100 CE - 1540 CE
    Mississippian Culture in North America.