Persis Timeline

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  • 316 BCE
    Satrap of Persis Peucestas is defeated at the Gabiene Battle, alongside of Eumenes. Evagros is appointed in Persis by Antigonus I Monopthalmus.
  • 312 BCE
    Evagros is killed in battle by Seleucos I. Persis comes under Seleucid rule.
  • c. 295 BCE
    Seleucos I makes an alliance with local Persis dynast, Ardaxsir, becoming the first frataraka of Persis.
  • c. 270 BCE
    Wahabarz (oborzes) succeeds to the frataraka Ardaxsir in Persis.
  • 222 BCE - 220 BCE
    Satrap of Persis Alexander, alongside of his brother Molon, satrap of Mediare, revolt against Antiochos III. Their defeat begins a period of time without a known frataraka in Persis.
  • 141 BCE
    Persis passes from Seleucid to Parthian domination.
  • c. 211 CE
    Ardashir, king (malakh) of Persis, revolts against the Parthians and founds the Sasanian Empire.