Paestum Timeline

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  • c. 740 BCE - c. 433 BCE
    Greek poleis or city-states establish colonies in Magna Graecia.
  • c. 600 BCE
    Paestum is founded by colonists from Sybaris.
  • c. 550 BCE
    The Temple of Hera I is built at Paestum.
  • c. 510 BCE
    The Temple of Athena is built at Paestum.
  • c. 480 BCE
    The tomb frescoes of Paestum are painted.
  • c. 460 BCE
    The temple of Hera II is built at Paestum.
  • c. 410 BCE
    Paestum is attacked and conquered by the Lucanians.
  • 273 BCE
    Rome establishes a colony at Paestum.
  • c. 71 CE
    Rome establishes a second colony at Paestum.