Osman I Timeline

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  • c. 1258 - c. 1323
    Life of Osman I.
  • c. 1280
    Osman I succeeds his father Ertuğrul as ruler of his territory.
  • 1299 - 1326
    Reign of Osman I.
  • 1299
    Osman I’s forces lay siege to Nicaea.
  • 1300
    Osman I’s forces capture the city of Yenşiehir and make it the first capital of Osman’s Beylik.
  • 1301
    The Byzantine Empire breaks the siege of Nicaea.
  • 1302
    Osman I’s forces defeat the Byzantines at the Battle of Bapheus.
  • 1308
    The Bithynian capital of Prusa is put under siege by Osman I and his army.
  • c. 1323
    Osman I dies and his son Orhan succeeds him.
  • 1326
    Orhan successfully captures the city of Prusa, which he renames Bursa.