Ögedei Khan


Ogedei Khan (aka Ogodei) ruled the Mongol Empire from 1229 to 1241. He was the third son of Genghis Khan (r. 1206-1227), the empire's founder. Ogedei's accomplishments included creating a new capital at Karakorum, establishing a system of regional governance and taxation, and defeating the long-time enemy of the Mongols, the Jin state of northern China.

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  • c. 1186
    Birth of Mongol emperor Ogedei Khan.
  • 1206 - 1368
    The Mongol Empire rules in Central and East Asia.
  • 1219 - 1225
    Ogedei assists his father Genghis Khan on several military campaigns, notably against the Khwarazm empire.
  • 1228 - 1240
    Composition of the Secret History of the Mongols.
  • 1229 - 1241
    Reign of Ogedei Khan as the ruler of the Mongol Empire.
  • 1230 - 1231
    The Mongols attack the Jurchen Jin State.
  • 1231 - 1232
    Ogedei Khan leads a Mongol invasion into Korea.
  • 1233
    Kaifeng, capital of the Jurchen Jin State, falls after a lengthy siege by the Mongols.
  • 1234 - 1236
    Ogedei Khan orders a census to be conducted for tax purposes across northern China.
  • Feb 1234
    The Mongols attack and conquer the Jurchen Jin State in northern China.
  • 1235
    Ogedei Khan orders the construction of a new capital of the Mongol Empire at Karakorum, Mongolia.
  • 1235
    The Mongols invade northern Iraq and western Asia
  • 1236 - 1242
    Multiple Mongol armies attack western Asia, Russia, Poland, and Hungary.
  • 21 Dec 1237
    The city of Ryazan (Riazan) is besieged and captured by the Mongols.
  • 1238
    The Mongols invade Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Armenia.
  • 7 Feb 1238
    The Mongols capture the city of Vladimir.
  • 23 Mar 1238
    The Mongols capture the city of Torshok.
  • 6 Dec 1240
    The Mongols capture Kiev.
  • 9 Apr 1241
    The Mongols defeat an army led by Henry the Pious, the Duke of Silesia, near Liegnitz (Legnica).
  • 10 Apr 1241 - 11 Apr 1241
    The Mongols defeat an army led by Bela IV, king of Hungary, at the Battle of Mohi.
  • Dec 1241
    The Mongols capture Buda and Pest.
  • Dec 1241
    The Mongols capture the great city of Gran (Esztergom) in Hungary.
  • 11 Dec 1241
    Ogedei Khan, ruler of the Mongol Empire, dies at the capital Karakorum.