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Mithra Timeline

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  • c. 700 BCE - c. 300 BCE
    Probable dates for the development of the worship of Mithra.
  • c. 550 BCE - 330 BCE
    Mithra is referenced through inscriptions during the Achaemenid Empire.
  • c. 67 BCE - c. 66 BCE
    Mithra is worshipped by pirates relocated by Pompey the Great in Cilicia.
  • c. 100 CE - c. 400 CE
    The cult of the Roman god Mithras, based on the Persian Mithra, flourishes in the Roman Empire.
  • 651 CE
    Sassanian Empire falls to the invading Muslim Arabs; worship of Mithra suppressed along with much of Persian culture.
  • c. 700 CE - c. 1000 CE
    Zoroastrian Parsees flee Iran for India, taking sacred texts and keeping ancient traditions alive; worship of Mithra is preserved.

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