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The Kingdom of Mitanni, known to the people of the land, and the Assyrians, as Hanigalbat and to the Egyptians as Naharin and Metani, once stretched from present-day northern Iraq, down through Syria and into Turkey and was among the greatest nations of its time, though today it is largely forgotten.

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  • 1550 BCE
    The Hurrian kingdom of Mitanni is founded.
  • c. 1500 BCE
    Rise of the kingdom of Mitanni.
  • 1472 BCE
    Mittani annexes Assyria.
  • c. 1457 BCE
    Battle of Megiddo: Thutmose III of Egypt defeats a coalition of Canaan, Kadesh, Mitanni, and Megiddo led by Durusha, king of Kadesh.
  • c. 1350 BCE
    Peak of Mitanni power, it is considered a great nation.
  • c. 1350 BCE
    Tushratta is king of Mitanni.
  • 1345 BCE
    The world's first manual on training horses is written by the Mitanni horse trainer Kikkuli (found in Hattusa).
  • c. 1344 BCE - 1322 BCE
    King Suppiluliuma I of the Hittites sacks the Mitanni capital Washukanni and installs Artatama II as vassal king.
  • c. 1321 BCE
    Western Mittani is conquered by the Hittites.
  • 1307 BCE - 1275 BCE
    Reign of Assyrian King Adad Nirari I, Mitanni becomes vassal state.
  • c. 1250 BCE
    Shalmaneser I of Assyria conquers the kingdom of Mitanni and defeats its allies.