Michael IV the Paphlagonian


Michael IV the Paphlagonian was Byzantine emperor from 1034 to 1041 CE. He had an affair with Empress Zoe, then married her and was crowned emperor after the death of her first husband, Romanos III. He ran a competent regime that kept the status quo in the Byzantine Empire, although he achieved no conquests of note.

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  • 1034 - 1041
    Reign of Byzantine emperor Michael IV the Paphalgonian.
  • 10 Dec 1034
    Romanos III Argyros dies in his bath, possibly through murder.
  • 1035
    The Emir of Sicily, Ahmad al-Akhal, makes a treaty with the Byzantines rendering Sicily a virtual protectorate.
  • 1036
    The Emirs of Mayyafariqin and Harran attack the Byzantine city of Edessa.
  • 1038
    Michael IV the Paphlagonian sends the Dalassenos family into exile on the suspicion that they will rebel.
  • 1038
    Byzantine forces under George Maniakes invade Muslim Sicily.
  • 1039
    The Georgian general Liparit invites the Byzantines into Georgia to help him overthrow King Bagrat IV.
  • 1040
    The Bulgarian leader Deljan starts a major Bulgarian uprising against the Byzantine Empire.
  • 1041
    The Bulgarian lord Alusian betrays the Bulgarian uprising against the Byzantine Empire, allowing the forces of Michael IV the Paphlagonian to suppress it.
  • 1042
    The Byzantines lose Messina, their last base in Sicily.