Michael IV the Paphlagonian Timeline

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  • 1034 - 1041
    Reign of Byzantine emperor Michael IV the Paphalgonian.
  • 10 Dec 1034
    Romanos III Argyros dies in his bath, possibly through murder.
  • 1035
    The Emir of Sicily, Ahmad al-Akhal, makes a treaty with the Byzantines rendering Sicily a virtual protectorate.
  • 1036
    The Emirs of Mayyafariqin and Harran attack the Byzantine city of Edessa.
  • 1038
    Michael IV the Paphlagonian sends the Dalassenos family into exile on the suspicion that they will rebel.
  • 1038
    Byzantine forces under George Maniakes invade Muslim Sicily.
  • 1039
    The Georgian general Liparit invites the Byzantines into Georgia to help him overthrow King Bagrat IV.
  • 1040
    The Bulgarian leader Deljan starts a major Bulgarian uprising against the Byzantine Empire.
  • 1041
    The Bulgarian lord Alusian betrays the Bulgarian uprising against the Byzantine Empire, allowing the forces of Michael IV the Paphlagonian to suppress it.
  • 1042
    The Byzantines lose Messina, their last base in Sicily.