Michael III


Michael III, also known as “Michael the Drunkard” by his detractors, was emperor of the Byzantine Empire from 842 to 867 CE. Never quite escaping the shadow of his mother Theodora, who ruled as regent in his name until c. 855 CE, or his uncle Bardas, the gifted chief minister, Michael's reign nevertheless saw significant religious and political changes and a strengthening of the empire, especially in the east. He was murdered and succeeded by the very man he had promoted in court and eventually appointed co-emperor, Basil I.

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  • 842 - 867
    Reign of Byzantine emperor Michael III.
  • 842 - 855
    Theodora rules as regent for her son Michael III, emperor of the Byzantine empire.
  • 855 - 856
    Michael III removes his mother Theodora, the regent, and rules alone as emperor of the Byzantine empire.
  • 856
    The armies of Byzantine emperor Michael III win great victories in Cappadocia and Mesopotamia.
  • 863
    Byzantine emperor Michael III sends Saint Cyril and Methodius on a mission to Moravia.
  • 864
    Byzantine emperor Michael III presides over the baptism of Boris I, khan of the Bulgars.
  • 865
    Byzantine emperor Michael III arranges for the chief minister Bardas to be assassinated by Basil the Macedonian.
  • 866
    Byzantine emperor Michael III makes Basil the Macedonian co-emperor.
  • 867
    Basil the Macedonian murders Byzantine emperor Michael III and declares himself Emperor Basil I.