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Mavia (r. c. 375-c. 425 CE) was a warrior-queen of the semi-nomadic Tanukhid Arab tribe of Syria and Jordan who led a successful insurrection against Rome in 378 CE. She is also known as Maowiva, Mu`awiya, Mauia, Mania, and Mawiyya. Her control of southern Syria into Jordan seems certain but how far she extended that control beyond is contested. She rose to power after the death of her husband (whose identity is unknown) described as either a “king” or “phylarch” (meaning “ruler of a tribe”), and is only known through her rebellion against Rome in which she emerged triumphant and was able to dictate terms.

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  • c. 375 CE - c. 425 CE
    Reign of Queen Mavia of the Tanukhids in the regions of Syria and ancient Jordan.
  • 378 CE
    Queen Mavia leads her people in a revolt against Rome; she is victorious and dictates the terms of peace.