Matthew Flinders Timeline

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  • 1774
    Matthew Flinders is born in Donington, Lincolnshire.
  • 1789
    Matthew Flinders enlisted in the Royal Navy at the age of 15.
  • 1792
    Matthew Flinders sails with Captain Bligh to Van Diemen’s Land on Bligh's Second Breadfruit Voyage.
  • 1798
    Matthew Flinders proves that Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania) is an island separated from mainland Australia by Bass Strait.
  • 1801 - 1803
    Matthew Flinders surveys and maps the Australian coastline. He is accused of espionage and imprisoned on Mauritius for nearly seven years.
  • 1810
    Matthew Flinders returns to England to prepare reports and charts for his publication, A Voyage to Terra Australis.
  • 19 Jul 1814
    Matthew Flinders dies at age 40.