Marcus Agrippa


Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa (l. 64/62 – 12 BCE) was Augustus' (r. 27 BCE - 14 CE) most trusted and unshakably loyal general and his right-hand man in the administration of the city of Rome. Although his name is forever connected with the first Roman emperor and is relegated to the backseat in terms of historical significance, he was one of the most skilled military commanders of Roman warfare, a talented engineer, architect, and administrator.

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  • c. 64 BCE - 12 BCE
    Life of Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa.
  • 39 BCE
    Marcus Agrippa is governor of Transalpine Gaul.
  • 38 BCE
    Octavian amasses a naval fleet to defeat Sextus Pompey.
  • 37 BCE
    First consulship of Marcus Agrippa.
  • 36 BCE
    Agrippa defeats the naval fleet of Sextus Pompey in the battle of Naulochos.
  • 33 BCE
    Marcus Agrippa is aedile in Rome.
  • 2 Sep 31 BCE
    The Battle of Actium. Octavian defeats Mark Antony and Cleopatra VII.
  • c. 27 BCE
    The first Pantheon is built in Rome and dedicated by Marcus Agrippa.
  • c. 23 BCE
    Augustus takes over most of the powers of the tribuni plebis.
  • 21 BCE
    Agrippa marries Augustus’ only daughter, Julia.
  • c. 20 BCE
    The Campus Martius baths in Rome are constructed and donated to the people by Agrippa.