Mahayana Buddhism Timeline

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  • c. 563 BCE - c. 483 BCE
    The life of Siddhartha Gautama according to modern scholarly consensus.
  • 383 BCE
    Second Council of Buddhism where different schools break away and form their own traditions.
  • 283 BCE
    Mahayana Buddhism already developed and operating alongside other schools, including Mahasanghika.
  • c. 268 BCE - 232 BCE
    Reign of Ashoka the Great who spreads Buddhism throughout India and sends Buddhist missionaries to other nations.
  • c. 50 BCE - c. 600 CE
    The sutras of The Perfection of Wisdom are written.
  • c. 200 CE
    The Buddhist Lotus Sutra is written down in Pali language.
  • 7 Feb 573 CE - 8 Apr 622 CE
    Prince Shotoku was the founder of Japanese Buddhism and of the Japanese nation. He is famous for his 17-article constitution, the first Buddhist constitution ever to be created.