Luoyang (aka Loyang) was the capital city of many ancient Chinese dynasties, a position it frequently swapped with Chang'an, usually whenever there was a change of dynasty. Located in the Henan province in the eastern part of China's central plain, the city was noted for its fine buildings, pleasure parks, and literary culture, particularly regarding Confucian scholarship.

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  • c. 23 CE
    After the sack of Chang'an, Liu Xiu led his loyal officials to the city of Luoyang, where the Chinese imperial capital was relocated.
  • 184 CE
    A large peasant uprising known as the Yellow Turban Rebellion (sometimes referred to as the Yellow Scarves Rebellion) threatened the city of Luoyang.
  • 189 CE
    Luoyang, the Han capital, is sacked by the Chinese warlord Dong Zhuo.
  • 190 CE
    Luoyang, the Han capital in China, is burned.
  • 494 CE
    The Northern Wei select Luoyang as their capital in China.
  • 528 CE
    Steppe hordes attack the Chinese capital Luoyang.