Long Barrow


A long barrow is a class of Middle Neolithic (approximately 3500-2700 BCE) burial monument which is found extensively throughout the British Isles and is related to other forms of contemporary tomb-building traditions of north-western Europe, particularly that of northern France.

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  • 4000 BCE - 3500 BCE
    Clyde Tombs of Western Scotland and the Carlingford Tombs of Northern Ireland are constructed.
  • 4000 BCE
    Medway Tombs of Kent, including Chesnuts, Addington and Coldrum, are constructed.
  • 3800 BCE - 2500 BCE
    Wessex Long Barrows are constructed in the U.K.
  • 3500 BCE
    Cotswold-Severn Group Long Barrows are constructed, which spanned from the north Wessex Downs, Cotswold Hills, South Wales coast, and the Brecon Beacons.