Kremlin Timeline

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  • 1156
    The first Kremlin is constructed during the reign of Prince Yuri Dolgoruky.
  • 1326
    The Cathedral of the Assumption is completed.
  • 1329
    The Church of St. John of the Ladder to the Bell Tower is completed.
  • 1330
    The Cathedral of the Saviour of the Forest is completed.
  • 1333
    The Cathedral of the Archangel is completed.
  • 1367
    The Kremlin's wooden walls and towers are rebuilt with white stone.
  • 1368
    The new Kremlin is completed during the reign of Prince Dmitry Donskoi.
  • 1368
    The Kremlin is invaded by a Lithuanian army, but the army quickly retreats.
  • 1370
    The Lithuanian army returns to take the Kremlin but retreats once again.
  • 1382
    The Kremlin is destroyed by Khan Tokhtamysh and his Golden Horde.
  • 1474
    Italian architect Ridolfo Fioravanti arrives in Moscow to work on the Kremlin.
  • 1479
    The Dormition Cathedral (Assumption Cathedral) is completed and consecrated.
  • 1490
    The Konstantino-Eleninskaya Tower and the Borovitskaya Tower are completed.
  • 1491
    The Frolov and the Nikolsky gates and towers are completed.
  • 1492
    The Palace of Facets is completed.
  • 1508
    The Ivan the Great Bell Tower is completed.
  • 1514
    The Grand Ducal Palace is completed.
  • 1538
    The Kremlin grows to have seven gates and 13 towers.
  • 1598 - 1612
    The Time of Troubles takes place in Russia.
  • 1636
    Terem Palace is completed.
  • 1712
    St. Petersburg becomes the new capital city of Russia.
  • 1771 - 1772
    Moscow goes through the plague.
  • 1812
    Napoleon Bonaparte takes up residence in the Kremlin and then destroys it when he leaves.