Kos Timeline

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  • 3000 BCE - 2000 BCE
    First human presence recorded on Kos.
  • 1600 BCE - 1200 BCE
    The Mycenaean settlement of Serayia flourishes on Kos.
  • c. 480 BCE
    The Tyrant Kadmos permits the establishment of democratic government on Kos.
  • 412 BCE
    The Spartan general Astyochus sacks Kos.
  • 411 BCE
    The Athenian general Themistocles builds fortifications on Kos.
  • c. 350 BCE
    Mausolus, ruler of Caria, invades Kos.
  • c. 350 BCE
    The Ascelpeion is built on Kos.
  • c. 340 BCE
    The Greek poet and scholar Philitas is born on Kos.
  • 332 BCE
    Amphoterus, admiral of Alexander the Great, takes possession of Kos.
  • 242 BCE
    The games held in honour of Asclepius on Kos are given Panhellenic status.
  • c. 102 BCE
    Cleopatra II of Egypt sends her treasury to Kos.
  • c. 100 BCE
    Coins of Kos and Thespiai depict a lyre on their reverse side.