Kingdom of Saba


Saba (also given as Sheba) was a kingdom in southern Arabia (region of modern-day Yemen) which flourished between the 8th century BCE and 275 CE when it was conquered by the neighboring Himyarites. Although these are the most commonly accepted dates, various scholars have argued for a longer or shorter chronology with the earliest date of c. 1200 BCE; most agree on the terminus of c. 275 CE, however.

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  • c. 950 BCE - 275 CE
    The Kingdom of Saba flourishes in southern Arabia.
  • c. 760 BCE - c. 740 BCE
    Reign of the Mukarrib Yatha' Amar Watta; Ma'rib dam built in Saba.
  • c. 600 BCE - c. 500 BCE
    Approximate period of the reign of the great Sabean king Karib'il Wattar who expands Saba's territory and enriches royal treasury.
  • 285 BCE - 246 BCE
    Reign of Egyptian pharaoh Ptolemy II Philadelphus who favors sea routes for trade over land routes; Saba begins to decline.
  • 275 CE
    Saba is conquered by the Himyarites.