Kingdom of Israel


The Kingdom of Israel occupied that part of the land on the Mediterranean Sea known as the Levant which corresponds roughly to the State of Israel of modern times. The region was known, historically, as part of Canaan, as Phoenicia, as Palestine, Yehud Medinata, Judea and, after the Romans destroyed the region in 136 CE, as Syria-Palaestina.

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  • c. 1250 BCE - c. 1200 BCE
    Hebrew tribes settle Canaan.
  • c. 1250 BCE - c. 1150 BCE
    Destruction of many Canaanite towns hints at a possible invasion of the Israelites into Canaan.
  • c. 1080 BCE
    Rise of the kingdom of Israel.
  • c. 1080 BCE - c. 1010 BCE
    Saul reigns as the first king of Israel.
  • c. 1035 BCE - c. 970 BCE
    Life of King David, second king of the United Kingdom of Israel.
  • 1000 BCE
    David captures Jerusalem.
  • c. 965 BCE - 931 BCE
    Solomon is king of Israel.
  • 950 BCE
    Solomon builds the first Temple of Jerusalem.
  • 841 BCE
    Israel pays tribute to Assyria.
  • 722 BCE
    The upper class in Israel, the Northern Kingdom, is exiled by the Assyrians.
  • 722 BCE
    Israel is conquered by Assyria.
  • c. 516 BCE
    The temple in Jerusalem, destroyed in 586 BCE by the Babylonians, is rebuilt.
  • 37 BCE
    Herod the Great is made governor of Galilee.
  • 37 BCE
    Herod the Great retakes Jerusalem from the Parthians.
  • 9 BCE
    Herod the Great wages war against Nabataea.