Khaemweset (also given as Khaemwaset, Khaemwise, Khaemuas, Setem Khaemwaset, c. 1281-c.1225 BCE) was the fourth son of Ramesses II (1279-1213 BCE) and his queen Isetnefret. He is the best known of Ramesses II's many children after the pharaoh Merenptah (1213-1203 BCE).

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  • c. 1281 BCE - c. 1225 BCE
    Life of Prince Khaemweset, High Priest of Ptah, "First Egyptologist".
  • 1274 BCE
    Khaemweset accompanies his father Ramesses II at the Battle of Kadesh.
  • c. 1263 BCE
    Khaemweset is Sem-Priest of Ptah at Memphis.
  • c. 1249 BCE
    Khaemweset is High Priest of Ptah at Memphis.
  • c. 1248 BCE
    Khaemweset begins construction of Serapeum at Saqqara for the Apis Bull.
  • c. 1248 BCE - c. 1225 BCE
    Khaemweset devotes himself to preservation of Egypt's historical monuments, records, and temples.